Carmen Alpaerts, Women of Influence Award Winner

Carmen Alpaerts, Women of Influence Award Winner 2014

Carmen Alpaerts, Women of Influence Award Winner 2014

Carmen Alpaerts, Keynote Speaker at Women In Heels Networking Group, London Ontario Chapter on Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This hard working woman in business was recently recognized as a Women Of Influence in her industry for 2014! We are so pleased to welcome Carmen as our Keynote Speaker on August 19, 2014.

Carmen is a top mortgage broker across Canada with Invis Mortgages

Learn more about Carmen at


Rhonda Vercillo, Keynote Speaker at Women In Heels Networking Group

Rhonda Vercillo, Owner of Uniqu3 Solutions

Rhonda Vercillo, Owner of Uniqu3 Solutions

Rhonda Vercillo is our keynote speaker for the August 5, 2014 meeting. Rhonda is a business owner and successful entrepreneur who motivates and inspires. She cares about her business associates and has a passion for her work. Caring, loving and generous, you will be impressed when you hear Rhonda’s story. Visit Rhonda at

Shawne Neal of Source Onsite Solutions, welcomed as keynote speaker

Shawne Neal of Source Onsite Solutions

Shawne Neal of Source Onsite Solutions

Shawne Neal is our Women In Heels Keynote Speaker for Tuesday July 22, 2014. Shawne is an IT expert and understands the fundamentals of your computer networking system, your digital backup and firewall requirements and so much more. Shawne is not only an expert, but is personal, friendly and professional. You will connect with Shawne right away, so don’t miss his keynote address at our upcoming meeting. Learn more about Shawne at

Nicolle Lothi, Whao Mama owner and keynote speaker

Nicolle Lothi, Whao Mama

Nicolle Lothi, Whao Mama

SAVE THE DATE! Go to ‘Events’ and Register for Tues. July 8th 5 – 7 pm
Bring your business cards and ‘Network On Purpose’

Ladies you definitely don’t want to miss your Keynote Speaker Nicolle Stevenson Lothi.
Meet and listen to how she is helping over 2,000 women in Business through her business, Whao Mama.

Susan Brady, Business Coach, Keynote Speaker at Women In Heels


Susan Brady, Business Coach

Susan Brady, Business Coach

Susan Brady, Business Coach and keynote speaker at Women In Heels Networking Group on Tuesday, June 24, 2014.

Susan Brady is a sought after speaker and business coach to women in direct sales.
Her company Susan Brady International ( is committed to the growth, empowerment and personal mastery of women entrepreneurs around the globe.

Susan’s experience alone is a testament – She is a catalyst for women entrepreneurs and passionate about making a difference in the lives of women today. When a woman makes more money it changes her entire family, which changes her community, which ultimately changes the whole world.

Ladies come early and meet Susan in person!

Susan Regier, London Business Coach and Keynote Speaker


Susan_Regier, Business Coach

Susan_Regier, Business Coach

Susan Regier, Keynote Speaker at Women In Heels Networking Group, London Ontario on June 8, 2014.

Susan Regier is a Coach & Mentor to serious entrepreneurs who want to up-level their businesses. Susan also publishes Networking Today, Canada’s online resource to connect professionals, build relationships and grow businesses.

The launch was an unbelievable success and I thank each and everyone of you amazing women Entrepreneurs who attended.

Our Goal is to help women Build Relationships with one another, Refer Business, Access needed Resources and create business relationships that move from Interactions to Transactions – And I believe we are well on our way!!!

Visit Susan’s website at

Fire Roasted Coffee in Wortley Village a great place to meet friends

Fire Roasted Coffee's location in Wortley Village, London

Fire Roasted Coffee’s location in Wortley Village, London

Here we are enjoying some time at Fire Roasted Coffee in Wortley Village. Sean pours a couple of coffees and I asked about the Fair Trade coffees they carry. Sean tells us a few interesting ‘did you knows’ about some of the most popular coffees available at Fire Roasted.

Fire Roasted Coffee is a great place to meet friends, business associates and even to meet a new friend. Like today when Shauna Rae walked in. At first I didn’t realize I was being introduced to the writer, Shauna Rae, who had left some comments on our ‘Halloween in the Village’ Blog. Shauna is definitely a well-known name around Wortley and the entire London community.

Turns out Shauna Rae is incredibly warm and Continue reading

The biggest mistake you can make as a Networking Entrepreneur

The biggest mistake you can make as a Networking Entrepreneur

Your Network is....Your Networth

Your Network is….Your Networth

So you’ve attended a networking event and met some great people. Lots of smiles, laughing and good conversation were all part of the excellent networking event. You collected 17 business cards and handed out just as many of your own.

On the way home you think about some of the people you met and how enthusiastic they were about their businesses. Five or six of them stand out clearly in your mind and you start mentally mulling over, one-by-one, as many of the other individuals as you can remember.

When you get home you set the business cards on your desk and make a mental note that you will be contacting those people soon. Just then a family member walks in and asks you a really important question. Before long you’re deep in conversation and feeling a little tired after a long day at work.

The next day you realize you have three urgent emails that you Continue reading

Are postcards still effective for promoting your business?

Chef Thank You card

Creating a connection and credibility

How many advertising postcards and flyers are you getting in your mail? Are people still using postcards to market and to spread their sales message? The answer of course is yes. The reason businesses are doing this is because postcards are still working, at least for some businesses.

The misconception is that businesses should abandon every type of marketing except social media marketing. Social media marketing is very important these days, of course. However postcards and flyers are still working for many businesses.

One of the most effective direct mail marketing methods is sending out high-quality postcards. In the past it was only cost-efficient to have thousands and thousands of postcards printed. Those days are over. Now you can have a small number of postcards printed for a reasonable price.

Here are some ways to Continue reading

Emotions and Connections in the Movie Her by Spike Jonze

Theodore Twombly ImageSpike Jonze wrote and directed the movie Her, which is in theaters right now. Theodore Twombly is an interesting, smart and creative man who earns his living as a writer. He pours his emotion into his writing, which often includes composing personal, thoughtful letters for other people.

After a meaningful relationship ends, Theodore is left emotionally drained, and apparently looking for something more. He becomes fascinated with Samantha. Not actually a real person, Samantha is the Continue reading

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